I’m Thomas, living at the beautiful Lake of Constance in south Germany and I love to travel,
sometimes to the nearby Austrian & Swiss mountains or to other beautiful locations far away!

Being able to see new places fascinates and inspires me.
Places, which motivate me, to stand up from the warm and cozy bed long before sunrise and to step out in the cold,
and afterwards to be able to warm myself with a hot cup of coffee.

I love to meet new people and to get to know new cultures all over the world.
To communicate with them and to understand their way of life and their feelings…
This is something, which enriched my life in the last years so much and made it as interesting as it was!


My camera follows me often to capture the special and surprising moments.
The passion and the enthusiasm to photograph encuraged me often in the last years to go on,
to find new amazing places and to get in touch with so many incredible and sympathic people!

Some years ago we celebrated the wedding of my brother and I realised a new passion within me – wedding photography!

The wedding day is full of feelings, beautiful moments and lovely little details…
Full of friends and family, with people which you rarely meet in this combination…
Full of feelings and situations, which often last a short moment and then pass away…

These many moments I’ll capture for you and create a beautifull story… YOUR STORY!
No posing, real, emotional, authentic…

My wedding photography is about you! It should not only tell about your wedding day,
it should even document your love and the many feelings forever…
I’ll follow you the whole day to capture these moments…
I’ll feel these moments before I press the shutter release of the camera!

Photography is something special,
being able to feel with the camera what you feel,
what you think, what motivates you…

It’s very important to me, to create a very comfortable atmosphere between us…
An atmosphere, in which we can have a lot of fun together and you can trust me…

Then you can forget everything around you and not notice the clicks of my camera…
Then you can be just you… This is the secret sauce how the beautiful photos are created!

Real, emotional, in love, under the skin…

Then it will be something special, not only for you, also for me!

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So let’s get in touch, I would love to get to know you!



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