On the 24th of March 2019, A & S brought their family and friends together to celebrate their wedding in the beautiful historic city of Antigua, surrounded by coffee farms, nature and spectacular vulcanos.
I met A. early in the morning in the center of Antigua when she got the makeup done. When she was ready, we went to Conceptio to get the hair done and dressed up. This all happen in an open patio surrounded by all type of colorful plants. Some meters away under a tree full of paper birds was the chosen place where the Mayan ceremony would take place later on. A & S got dressed up separately and they saw each other for the first time in their wedding outfits on the little place of the church Iglesia San Gaspar Vivar closeby. We started to drive to several locations up in the mountains and in the old historic center of Antigua. It was an incredible collection of nice and colorful locations where Angela & Sam allowed me to capture some beautiful and intense photos of them both.
After the shooting, we came back to Conceptio where all friends and family members were waiting for them. Everything was prepared for the Mayan ceremony by a Shaman lady who guided us through the rite to join together to celebrate in a very unique and spiritual way with different elements like fire, flowers, candles. All accompanied by beautiful music played by musician’s family members with a flute, guitar and a Swiss alphorn, which Sams dad brought all the way from Switzerland.
A cozy open-air party started right after the ceremony with a bossa nova live band to warm up for dinner that started around sunset having these huge vulcanoes as background. A trio band played after the dinner and made a beautiful end of a special day full of fun and emotions we will all never forget!

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