On the 15th of September 2018, the day has finally come for R & M to say „yes“ in the Basilica da Estrela in Lisbon! The weather was perfect on that day and a lot of friends and family members have come from all over Europe to celebrate the day together with them both. The day started quite early for M. at the local barbershop „Barbearia Oliveira“ and for R. at a hairdresser in the neighboorhood. He got dressed up in the nice hotel where his family stayed while she got ready for her big day at her parent’s place.
Both saw each other for the first them in front of the altar, where R. was brought by her dad. The emotive wedding ceremony was accompanied by a wonderful choir in this impressive basilica and its special acoustic. After the wedding, all of the families and friends waited for both outside of the church to gratulate and then to start the party at the beautiful Palacio Fronteira a bit outside of the Lisbon center. On the way to the wedding reception, we did a short stop to do the first wedding photos on a nice little street with a lot of beautiful typical Portuguese tiles. We have been awaited at the Palacio Fronteira’s reception and its incredible garden area, where the guests enjoyed a great bosa nova duo. Finally, it was about time for the dinner & the great party to start!

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